Production capabilities:

1) we can produce the cast polyuretan resin. The method is suitable for production of some details.

2) we can produce castings - white (light) metals. The same using as mentioned before.

3) we can produce  details from brass - turning and milling. (suitable for production of model-miniatures)

4) we can produce parts by etching to the brass-plate (for production of claps for belt etc.)

5) printing on various objects - tampon printing

6) we can produce  miniature wooden prism  (measures from 1 x 1mm and lenght up to 1000 mm)

7) we can produce  wooden shewe or calibre 0,8mm to 6mm lenght up to 300mm, to 1000mm made of beech wood

8) we can produce shape for forming of plastic foil (for packing)

9) we can produce paper cartons for packing

10) laser cutting